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She Needs a Little Love


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A little luxury in a box.
Designed for the person who’s feeling overwhelmed and needs a little calmness, love and serenity.
 It’s time to light a candle, hop in the bath and clear your mind.

  • It’s A Love Thing - Crystal Floral Smudge Stick. Comes with its own Crystal
    Each smudge stick is filled with sage, lavender and rosemary along with dried red roses and other florals.
    Perfect to smudge the air or leave as is, in the house for a beautiful calming affect. Swipe for current design 
  • Balm Balm - Rejuvenating Bath and Body Soak. Made in Australia. 
  • Ruby Lights - Candle. “Vanilla Caramel” scent. Approx burn time 30hr Burn Time. Swipe for Candle design
  • Bopo Women - “Ethereal” Essential Oil. An essential oil blend to cultivate pleasure and connection. Features clear quartz rollerball.
  • Presented in a Gift Box and includes a card.